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    Three across, 2008 from The Series The Missisippi Suite, "epilog"





2009 Sept       epilog, a visual dialog corroborating the commencement of healing, book containing
                        75 plates chronicling the last year of the Mississippi Suite

2008 March     “Katrina in Black and White” (Front Page Spread), The Sun Harold, Biloxi, Mississippi

2007 July        “Made in Santa Barbara”, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Exhibition Catalog, p.39 (black and white                                                                               reproductions)

2007 Jan        “Keith Fishman Gives Back” The Hattiesburg American, Hattiesburg Mississippi

2006 Dec        “Acclaimed Photographer Donates Photos to Katrina Research Center” Hattiesburg American, Hattiesburg,                                                                  Mississippi

2006 July         Sunday Evening News, CBS 12 KCOY Santa Maria and the California Central Coast. Live in studio with Amy                                                              Hopkins, one of the individuals whose portrait and story are part of silent witness.

2006 April,       “Silent Witness: Hurricane Katrina” Black & White Magazine, Issue 42, pp. 32-49 (cover feature; black and                                                                   white reproductions)

2006 April         “Keith Fishman Witnesses Silently” (Cover Story) The Santa Barbara Independent

2004 Jan         “Real Life Dialogue” The Santa Barbara News Press, Santa Barbara, California

2001 Dec        “Keith Fishman: Spotlight” Black & White Magazine, Issue 16, p.106-109
                        (black and white reproductions)

2001 Nov        “Either Or - Keith Fishman Carbon Prints” The Santa Barbara Independet, Santa Barbara, California


Black & White Magazine issue 42, 2006

Black & White Magazine, issue 16, 2001



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