Gloves, Guangzhou, China                                                                                                                                                                                                  2001


 In my view, Keith Fishman’s photographs are intimate explorations into an inner life. 
In stark contrast to the artist himself, who is outgoing, gregarious, and witty,
Fishman’s work is quiet, spare and solitary.  His reductionist approach to subject matter, whether it be architecture, clouds, or man-made forms,
dissolves substance into suggestion;there are other realities at work and play in his images. 
Technically, Keith is master of the both the analog and digital darkroom. His landscapes are mood pieces,
orchestrated in seemingly countless shades of grey, while his abstracted city views are rendered in stark yet nuanced black and white tones.
A photographer for decades, passion and sacrifice inform and enrich his work.
There is darkness in his imagery, but there is also mystery, lying enfolded or beyond the edges.
Keith’s images are meditations on silence and light, transcendent and compelling. 
Above all, Fishman’s photographs draw the viewer in,to fill the textured space and complete the mystery.
  One senses that Keith Fishman’s photographic explorations are taking him into new spaces,
both interior and exterior. 
His is a journey I will follow with great interest.

Karen Sinsheimer, Curator of Photography, The Santa Barbarara Museum of Art