Hanging Wire Sculpture Cube, The Hartford Art School                                                                                                                                                                                  2008                                                                                                                        

selected public and private holding

The Joy of Giving collection  A Not for Profit Foundation NY,NY.

.The Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara CA

 The Mead Museum of Art  Amherst, Massachusetts

 The Center for the Arts  Escondido, California

• MCA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara California 

• The Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong China

 The University of Southern Mississippi Museum of Art,
   Hattiesburg, Mississippi

• The School of Mass Communication and Journalism, The University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg Mississippi 

The Katrina Research Center Archive and Repository, Long Beach Mississippi

 The Arts Fund, Santa Barbara, California

Caruso Woods, Santa Barbara, California

Page Imageworks, Tony, Merillee. San Francisco, California

Rasmussen, Henry, Founder and Editor, Black and White Magazine  
   American Painter

• The Mercedes Eicholz Collection, Santa Barbara CA

Staton Greenberg, Santa Barbara, California

Stein, Howard, White Plains, New York

Karen Sinsheimer
, Santa Barbara, California

The Shuman Collection, Alfred, Stephanie. New York, NY

The Vernon Collection, Leonard, Marjorie. Pasadena, California

Tim Wride, Curator of Photography, The Norton Museum, Executive Director, The No Strings Foundation
   Former Assistant Curator of Photography, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California

• The Helzel Collection, Exxex CT

• Howard Greenburg, New York, NY

• Jarryd Commerford, Washington D.C.
Larry Wiese,  fine art photographer, Los Angeles California

The Tad Webster Collection, Santa Monica CA