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fishman editions press

Ansel Adams was quoted as saying ”The negative is the score" (and remains uniform),"while the print is the performance”, (and can be altered each time it is produced.)

Welcome to fishman editions press. A fine art digital printmaking studio.
The mission of fishman editions is to collaborate with artists to create exhibition-quality fine art.

Museum quality digital prints that realize the full intent of each artist. 

I work with each artist individually and perform all printing to accomplish this goal. fishman editions press is committed to being a vocal advocate of the beauty, inherent qualities and archival stability of the fine digital print

We provide museum quality printing of artwork using both grayscale carbon-based inks exclusively formulated for our black and white images and Epson K3 inks for our color images. There is no method which can produce as rich and detailed a dynamic tonal range with the full assurance of absolute archival longevity, when matched to the proper media. Carbon dating is still the reference standard applied to measure the age of the most primitive and early visual symbols used in communication. The absence of any pigment in our carbon ink formulation ensures your prints will be immune to fading or discoloration for centuries. As a finishing detail we have the option to lay down a gloss optimizer across the surface of your print to ensure durability and permanence. It requires printing each print twice. The first printing lays down seven shades of carbon black ink. The perfect equalization of gloss occurs with a second printing of a micro-thin layer of gloss optimizer that removes all differential and bronzing. This is recommend for Baryta and other non-matte papers.

The subtle addition of the gloss optimizer to luster/semigloss media exposes often muted detail hidden within the shadows and highlights. In other words it adds a noticeable but subtle snap to the dynamic range of the print. Using state of the art equipment Professional large format printers. We can prepare and print fine art photographic images or limited edition reproductions of paintings or other artwork on a vast selection of papers. By handcrafting each print and through extensive testing and experience in preparing and printing digital images, We provide fine digital giclee prints to the most demanding of clients. Using a carefully color calibrated computing environment, we match each artist’s artwork and creative vision precisely. We work with each client one on one to ascertain their specific needs and provide custom prints of the utmost quality. 

I am passionate about the fine digital print and its qualities as a physical object and the full realization of the intent of the artist. Fishman Editions @ Ojai PhotoWorks mission is to both produce and assist those seeking the highest quality, custom fine art digital prints that realize their personal vision. We work with each artist individually to make sure that each detail is completely addressed within their final print. Every print produced by Ojai Photo Works is hand pulled by myself. Your work will always receive my personal attention. As a working fine art photographer, and master printer, I am sensitive, receptive and current as regards the issues facing visual artists. At Fishman Editions, your personal artistic vision manifests itself as a museum quality fine digital print.

I started printing in the 1970s. I specialize in the creation of both analog, hybrid fine art digital prints. I am based in The Ojai, Santa Barbara area of California and work with clients all across the country and world. I began creating fine art digital prints for my own photographs as this new technology allowed for surgical precision and control otherwise not obtainable in a traditional analog darkroom. During this journey, I learned and continue to explore methods, tools, procedures and workflows to extract the most most obscured details in the shadows and highlights while increasing the prints dynamic range, revealing it’s full potential which otherwise would have remained veiled. As I work with more and more artists of widely different styles and mediums, I continue to develop new techniques and skills that assist me with my own work. In addition to printing for artists, I devote significant time to photographic eduction and photographic art history

fine art printing

Digital and hybrid prints to satisfy any criteria

From my studio, I prepare and print fine art photographic prints and limited edition reproductions of other artwork on a vast selection of media.

By handcrafting each print, I ensure the integrity of the artists intent

teaching & workshops

I teach a variety of digital workshops and printing courses. I'm also available for personalized one-on-one or small group workshops on individualized digital printing and images consulting.I offer one-on-one consulting on a wide variety of topics. Including printing, print connoisseurship, collection management and the accessioning/deaccessioning works of photographic art.Issues in contemporary photography, the general business of photography, and digital processing tools.On site, at the studio, or by phone or Skype. We have consulted with clients about the use of various software options, and workflow tips. How to optimally set up ones own printing or digital processing station. 


Color calibration, custom profiling of printers inks and media,
paper choices and a myriad of other digital imaging or printing needs.

Simply contact us with the details of what you would like to accomplish,
and we will come up with a plan to address those subjects.

We encourage you to contact us with any questions about our printing services,
and any custom or specific requirements you may have.


p) 805.402.8888  e) keith@keithfishman.com